V-Scope Explorer: Basic Biology Edition

Single Cell Organisms, Multicellular Plants, Multicellular Animals

Single Cell Organisms Slide Description

Amoeba-Live Video

Video of live amoeba with phase contrast illumination.

Key Words: Nucleus, cytoplasm, pseudopods, protozoa, protists, eukaryote


Stained specimen of amoeba.

Key Words: nucleus, protozoa, protists, eukaryote


This organism is a cyanobacteria in which the individual cells are connected in a filament.

Key Words: cyanobacteria, blue green algae, prokaryote, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation

Bacteria-Live Video

Video of live bacillus in pond water viewed with phase contrast illumination.

Key words: prokaryote, bacillus

Bacteria-Spirillum Form

Spirillum form bacteria

Key Word: prokaryote


Euglena is a single cell organisms that has characteristics of both plants and animals

Key Words: protozoa, protists, nucleus, flagella

Human Hair

Hair from different individuals to show size of microorganisms relative to a familiar reference.


Video of live paramecium in pond water viewed with phase contrast illumination.

Key Words: cilia, contractile vacuole, oral groove

Paramecium + Euglena:

Video of paramecium and euglena swimming around algae and viewed with phase contrast illumination.


Stained preparation of paramecium shows some individuals in the process of conjugation,

Key Words: nucleus, protists, protozoa, sexual reproduction

Paramecium-Fission Stained preparation in which some individual paramecium are in the process of reproducing by fission.

Key Words: protists, protozoa, asexual reproduction, cilia, nucleus

Multicellular Plants Slide Descriptions

Deciduous Leaf Cross Section

Stained cross section of leaf from a deciduous plant.

Key Words: upper epidermis, palisade parenchyma, spongy parenchyma

Deciduous Stem Tip

Stained cross section of stem from a deciduous

Key Words: deciduous plant, stem

Dicot Root

Stained cross section of dicot root.

Key Words: epidermis, cortex, phloem, xylem

Dicot Stem:

Stained cross section of dicot stem

Key Words: pholem, cambium, xylem

Elodea-Live in spring water

Video of live elodea in spring water as a control for the osmosis experiment.

Key Word: chloroplasts, experimental control, cell wall, osmosis, cytoplasmic streaming.

Elodea-Live in 9% NaCl

This is the same leaf as “Elodea-Live in spring water” slide after placing it in a hypertonic salt solution (9% NaCl).

Key Words: osmosis, chloroplasts, experimental condition, cell wall


In the stained preparation of the elodea leaf the nuclei of the cells can be seen.

Key Words: cell wall, nucleus

Lily Anther with Pollen

Lily anther with numerous pollen granules within the microsporangium (pollen sack).

Key Words: pollen, gametes, reproduction, flower structure, microsporangium

Lily Ovulary Meiosis

Stained lily ovulary (ovary) in cross section showing cellular structure and ovum

Key Words: ovum, plant structure, chromosomes, meiosis.

Monocot Root

Stained Cross section of root.

Key Words: xylem, phloem

Monocot Stem

Stained stem in cross section.

Key Words: xylem, phloem

Onion Root Tip

Cross section of root tip stained to show chromosomes in cells that are in various stages of cell division.

Key Words: mitosis, chromosomes, nucleus, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, interphase

Multicellular Animal Slide Descriptions

Whitefish Blastula:

Early embryo stained to show chromosomes and cells in various stages of cell division.

Key Words: mitosis, development, chromosomes, spindle, cell division

Blood, Healthy Human

Human blood smear.

Key Words: erythrocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils.

Frog Blood

Frog Blood Smear. Unlike mammals, erythrocytes of amphibians have nuclei.

Key Words: amphibian blood, erythrocytes, nuclei.

Compact Bone:

Cross section of compact bone.

Key Words: osteon, osteocytes, concentric lamellae

Brain-Cat Cerebellum:

Golgi stain of cat cerebellum.

Key Words: neurons, dendrite, axon, cell body

Dog Tongue

Dog tongue showing component histological parts.

Key Words: stratified squamous epithelium, papillae, connective tissue, muscle

Hydra-Live Video

Video of living hydra eating brine shrimp.

Key Words: tentacles, body, nematocysts, cnidaria

Hydra-whole mount:

Stained whole mount of hydra.

Key Words: invertebrate animal, cnidaria, nematocysts, cnidaria

Honey Bee Head Cross Section

Cross section of honeybee head showing compound eyes and brain.

Key Words: Brain, neurons, compound eye

Human Intestine

Section through the duodenum of the human small intestine.

Key Words: Villi, smooth muscle, epithelial cells

Obelia Whole Mount

Whole mount of Obelia in vegetative stage. Obelia is a salt water relative of the fresh water hydra.

Key Words: Cnidaria, invertebrate animal, tentacles.

Planaria: Injected with dye to show gastrovascular cavity

Key Words: Invertebrate, eye spots, gastrovascular system